Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My summer playlist

This summer I'm all into indie kind of music. From pop to rock. For some reason this type of music gives me "bad girl" vibes. In sense that I feel reckless and confident, but in a good kind of way. It makes me like myself and embrace my weirdness. You know what I mean? Probably not, but anyways, let's move on from my feelings straight to musicians.
I always thought that I like men's voices more, but since I discovered Lorde and Lana Del Rey it all changed. Well not really. These are basically the only females in my playlist. I can talk about how much really Lana Del Rey's songs speak up to my melancholic part of self forever, but I'll just gonna
Lana Del Rey
mention her newest album, which is Ultraviolence. Some of my favourites songs are: Shades of cool, Brooklyn baby and West coast.
Favorites from Lana Del Rey: Ride, Summertime Sadness, Burning Desire + the ones I mentioned earlier
Favorites from Lorde: Team, Tennis Courts, White Teeth Teens, 400 Lux
Now let's get back to men's voices. Shall we? Honestly, I found men's voices so sexy, like it's a major turn on for me. So guess whose voice imo is the sexiest? Yeap, you guessed it right, it would be Alex Turner's from Arctic Mokeys or Jesse Rutherford's from The Neighbourhood... I can't really decide.
Alex Turner
I don't even know how they look like, but the voice... Well, I do now, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
Favorites from Arctic Monkeys: R U Mine, Do I Wanna Know, I Wanna Be Yours, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High.
Favorites from The Neighbourhood:  Sweater Weather (obviously), Flawless, Afraid, Honest.
The only rap artist I listen to right now is The Weeknd. I just love how smooth and even delicate some of his songs are. I often listen to those when I draw. It gives me the right mood.
Favorites from The Weeknd: Morning, Wicked Games, Drunk in Love.

Oh I almost forgot about another musical obsession of mine which is French chanson. I hope most of you will agree that there's no another language that is more beautiful than French. I must confess I'm a huge Paris lover and France in general. So every time I listen to Mireille Mathieu, Edith Piaf or Joe Dossin I end up crying. Yeap, another weird habit of mine. It's just so touching, sad and beautiful at  the same time... You should definitely check out the translation, if you don't understand French. Also I discovered Sebastien Tellier a while ago, thanks to Chanel Haute
Sebastien Tellier at Chanel haute couture SS14
Couture SS14 show. And of course Stromae is worth mentioning. He's amazing actor and his music and attitude is kinda unusual, but so good.
Favorites from Mireille Mathieu: Sous le Ciel de Paris, Pardonne-moi ce caprice.
Favorites from Edith Piaf: La Vie en Rose, Mademoiselle de Paris, Non! Rien de rien.
Favorites from Joe Dossin: Et si tu n'existais pas, À Toi, Taka Takata.
Favorites from Sébastien Tellier: L'amour naissant, Coco
Favorites from Stromae: Tous les même, Ta fête, Formidable

I suppose that's the majority of my playlist. I also liked some songs from John Legend, Shamir and Coldplay. The artists I wrote about I highly recommend. 
Let me know what you've been listening to this summer, I would really appreciate that.

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