Monday, 18 August 2014


Welcome to the new blog of mine, where my thoughts will find their place to exist. This is not the first time I create something like this.... Well, to be honest it's like my fifth try to become "fashion blogger". Shocker
"In nowadays every fashion wannabe does this. So why should I be any different?! I also want to visit fashion weeks, be featured in fashion bibles and travel the world! Besides I can swear to you I have this burning passion for fashion like nobody else!" This I was saying to myself every time as I was angry,  jealous and in a desperate short of money.

Hell yes, I'm going to publish this embarrassing confession of mine. The reason why I'm writing all of this is because I'd like to create honest and genuine relationship with my readers.

So what is the point of this URL on this extremely popular platform, you might be thinking. Is this a fashion blog? Lifestyle? Personal? Street style? Cooking? (God, definitely not cooking!) Um, I can't remember any another types of blogs... Anyway, I consider this as a diary of my desires and passions, my opinions on certain things and also a space for my photographs. I feel like my head will explode, if don't share. So this time there is this very selfish reason.

I've decided to do this for myself and truly enjoy this opportunity. However, I'd love to share some of my experiences and my art with others, with you. So if you are interested, I am willing to fulfil your expectations.

Sous le ciel de la mode - is the title that just once came to my mind while I was listening to french chansons. The original name of the song is Sous le ciel de Paris. I thought it would be fun to name my blog "under the fashion heaven". I am not quite sure if you can say such a metaphor in french or even in English, but it has very special meaning for me.

PS. Pardonnez-moi my English, I'm still learning. :))

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